What Is The Altering Cave In Emerald

What Is The Altering Cave In Emerald. I had heard that if you went in you had 75% more chance of getting a shiny pokemon. Location of artisan cave in hoenn.

Pokemon Flora Sky Walkthrough Part 18 Speed Surfing & Altering Cave from www.youtube.com

It only has zubats on level 16. * not all level 16 zubats. Altering cave is a unique cave in that it seems to be empty.

Altering Cave Has Many Rare Pokemon Inside It After An Event (P.e.

Altering cave, identical in many aspects to the cave of the same name in firered/leafgreen. Does anyone know what the hell the altering cave is for on emerald???. Which is still pointless cuz you can just catch a shiny golbat at sky pillar.

Near The Battle Palace, On The Right Side Of The Water In The East, There's A Sudowoodo.

Altering cave is a unique cave in that it seems to be empty. Jul 29, 2006 9:40 am. However, this isn't going to happen anymore.

Its Only Purpose Now Is Probably For Speed Ev Training Because It Has Nothing But Zubats.

What is the altering cave in pokemon? The cave is in route 103 after you beat the elite 4. * not all level 16 zubats.

Without The Event Or A Gameshark You Find Only Zubat Incide It.

This is the only area in the generation iii core series games (other than via the unused altering cave event) where the player can find smeargle. However you would have to use either mystery gift under nintendo events or a cheating device to activate the wonder spots. The altering cave in pokemon emerald can be found on route 103 after beating the elite four and the champion.

However, After Interacting With Various Nintendo Wonderspots, The Pokémon Within The Cave Change Wild Pokémon

The altering cave can be found at route 103 after becoming the pokémon league champion (defeat the elite 4). It only has zubats on level 16. Here is a list of all the pokémon in it

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